Monday, 19 March 2018


WALT: Use signposts to direct our readers

Write one paragraph on each of the topics that you have been given. This paragraph should contain
signposts (headings, topic sentences). Don’t forget to include an example of what you are talking
about. Check that you have included signposts by highlighting them in blue.

                                               Kids NEED to be allowed to watch movies.

Watching movies help students increase their learning. Many movies motivate kids to read, some of the
movies that are released every year you can bet that it’s based on a book. Lots of kids may see a movie
and like it so much that they might decide to read the book. Kids should be allowed to watch movies in
class but the question is what kind of movies should be exposed to them?

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Week 6 reading and writing activity

Why do we need to go to school?
We are learning to use signposts in our writing
Write your explanation here. Check that it follows the structure of an explanation - it needs 5 paragraphs,
an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion.
Introduction: School. It’s that noble mix of social and educational encounters that happens every five days
a week for thirteen long years. But sure there are school holidays and those days where your teacher only
goes to school and not you. But most importantly your whole entire childhood is spent at school, so here
are my top 3 reasons why we need to go to school.
1: School prepares you for life. You might not notice but school is actually helping you prepare for life
when you get older. Even though you might not know what the exact calculations of pi is, or the three
different types of rocks or even the eight parts of a speech, but school is helping you to show up on time,
work hard and apply what you’ve learned. These are definitely the skills to help you in college and the
workforce, so you're thirteen years of school is actually helping you master the skills like a true boss when
you grow up.
2: Friends. School surely wouldn’t be the same without friends. Not only they just walk around with you
down the hallways with you between classes and keep you up-to-date with school crushes, but they help
you cope with life. Good friends are always there for each other, support one another and most importantly
love each other. And for me this is one of the many reasons why I go to school.
3: It’s so much fun. I have to admit school is quite fun. Learning new things is fun, succeeding in my
classes is fun and even eating my lunch with my friends is fun. We all know that some schools have
building and equipment that might not seem awesome to us, but we’re learning from our teachers,
friends and the entire school staff, and when it’s all said and done, you’ll graduate from college or high
school with a lot of great memories of all the fun times you had in school.
Conclusion: And here you have it, my writing about why do we need to go to school.
Which of these reasons do you mostly go to school for?

How to keep healthy (Week 5 Writing)

How to Keep  yourself Healthy
We are learning to follow the Statement, Explanation, Example paragraph structure.
Write your explanation here. Check that it follows the structure of an explanation!

Introduction: Maintaining a healthy body is not an easy thing to do.
There is always a reason to stay healthy because unhealthy bodies can be attacked by many diseases.
So in this piece of writing I will be discussing some tips which will help you have a much more
healthier life and body.
1:  The most important tip about having a healthy body is eating healthy food.
If you’re a person that wants to stay healthy start avoiding junk food.
When you are on your diet try to contain food like: leafy vegetables, milk, fruits and fruit vegetables in your
daily diet. Always make sure you have your breakfast regularly.
Skipping breakfast regularly will definitely affect your health.
When you skip breakfast the water content in your body goes low and that will lead to dehydration.
So to help keep your body healthy make sure to drink plenty of water each day.

2: Protecting your skin is also one of the many ways to help you stay healthy.
Sun Exposure is linked to skin cancer. This is the most common cancer in the US so to help you stay healthy
limit your time in the sun. When you want to go outside on a scorching hot day be sure to wear protective
clothes and a hat before you leave. Always make sure to wear sunscreen on exposed skin, like your face, arms
and legs. This can help protect your skin and prevent skin cancer.

3: Last but not least, Exercise. Exercise plays a important role in keeping your body healthy.
Regular exercise will keep your body in good shape. The exercise that you should be doing are the ones that
make your body go sweaty, not the slow simple walk. Some examples of exercise you could do for a living
is running, cycling or just walking faster than your normal speed.

Conclusion: So in conclusion there are many ways to help your body stay healthy and fit.
I hope that my piece of writing has given you some ideas of how to stay healthy.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Problem Solving 1

WALT: work collaboratively in Maths
For week 5 Mrs Sio gave my group: Newton, an activity all about problem solving. In this presentation we had to work in groups of 4 and work out the answers to the questions.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Week 6: Solve Word Problems

WALT: work collaboratively in Maths
This week for maths my maths group: Newton, got to learn to solve word problems. Some strategies we had to use to get the answers for the questions were addition and subtraction. Above is my completed work for week 6.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

What is a function and for loop? (Extension)

Image result for functionToday for Extension the year 7's and year 8's had to write a blog post about what a function and what a for loop is. What is a function? A function is a group of commands put together to make one specific command when coding, for example when you do the moves for the Macarena it repeats itself over and over that's just like using a function. What is a For loop? A for loop is a command that can help you repeat commands over and over.