Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Feels Right,Smells right

Walt: Infer and interpret the author's ideas

The thing that I learned from this story is that if you hide something that you love and you find animals on then maybe you should let them have it.Then you should get a another one.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Two,Fives and Tens

Today the Exponents learned about fractions of set.

I know that 5x2=10 because I know that 5x1=5 then I just double it and it equals 10.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Eating worms which is chicken noodles

Walt: I am thinking about my purpose and reader by planning my recount.

Guess what? On the 15 Th of September Room 8’s Literacy class got to make worms,which are Chicken noodles.I didn't want to eat it but my teacher dared me to eat it.

If you want to know how to make noodles then you have to buy a packet of chicken noodles and put water into a kettle and wait for it to boil. When the kettle is ready you have to put the noodles into a cup and stir in the chicken flavour.  Then you can start eating.

When we finished making it we got to taste it and Mrs Garden was feeding us like a baby bird,and guess what?  our teacher gets us to do weird things like eating disgusting worms which are yak.Hopefully next time Mrs Garden doesn't dare us to eat disgusting worms.

I think my favourite part was not tasting it after I tasted it after my first try.I hope that Mrs Garden doesn't bring any-more noodles.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Exponents Follow up for week 9

Walt: Solve harder fraction problems using my knowledge of basic multiplication, division and fractions facts.

Today the Exponents learned about more about fractions and today I know what 3/4 of 40 it's 30 because I know that 1/4 of 40=10 then I did 2/4 of 40 which is 20 then I double it again then it made 30.

Poem for Cross Country

Word Knowledge for week 9

Today the Buzzy Bees did a word knowledge about words,and these were the word that we were supposed to find out the meaning and the synonym,coincidence,fluorescent,tarnished,predict and solution.

Monday, 14 September 2015

My Timetables

Walt: Recognise and learn multiplication facts

Today the Exponents learned about our timetables.I also know that 2x5=10 because I did 1 group of 2 and one group of 5 then I times the 2 and the 5 then it equals 10.

Nobody Laughed

WALT:Make inferences and respond using information from text.
This story is about children having the same bag but when the caretaker came and try to fix the hooks he putted all the bags in a pile.Then when the children came back from the run they all argued which was his and what was her’s.So Mr Chalmers decide to take a look inside everybody’s bag and Aiden was worried because he didn’t want anybody to look inside his bag.When Mr Chalmers was about to open the last two bags Aiden was hoping that his bag would be last.Mr Chalmers picked up a bag a opened it up and inside there was a small orange tutu “that’s my” said Kane that was waiting for his bag.Aiden was glad that his bag was the last one “so that means this one is my” said Aiden smiling.“ hey that’s not fair” said one of the students.“we want to see what’s in your bag” said another student.Aiden smiled.“While ok,here”.

I think that he has a teddy bear and a Diary of his crushes that's inside his bag.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


WALT: write an introduction that orientates and hooks in the reader.

Do you know how to make butter?  Well today Miss Lavakula’s literacy class got to learn how to make butter with Mrs Garden.If you want to make butter then you have to get these things which is cream and salt.Once you have finished putting all of the ingredients into a bottle you have to shake it until it's set.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Fraction Problems

WALT: Solve fraction problems using my knowledge of my timetables or divided by's.
Today the Exponents learned about fraction of a set.2/3 of 18=12 because the fasts way to know the answer to to go back to 1/3 of 18 then it equals 6 then the answer for 2/3 of 18 is 12 because you just double the six.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Two Thirds

WALT: Solve fraction problems using my knowledge of my timetables or divided by's.

Today I learned about fraction of sets.We also learned to use 1/3 before 2/3 when you have a problem that says 2/3 of 24,and if you use 1/3 of 24 then you'll get the answer faster.

Word knowledge 2

Today the buzzy Bees got to do a word knowledge and your word was broad,compost and applause,and the word broad means like your arm is wide as a goalpost.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Exponents Follow-up

Walt: Solve fraction facts using my knowledge of my timetables

Today the Exponents learned to know 1/3 of 24 before 2/3 of 24:  2/3 of 24=16 before I get the answer I must know 1/3 of 24=8 so I double the 8 then the answer for 2/3 of 24 is 16.

Finders Keepers

WALT: Retell the story again in our own words

Today the Buzzy Bees learned a lesson from a book called Finders Keepers and the lesson was about if you find something and you say finder's keepers that doesn't mean that you fond it and you keep,it means that someone lost and they want it back.So if you found something around then you should go and look for the right owner.