Monday, 14 September 2015

Nobody Laughed

WALT:Make inferences and respond using information from text.
This story is about children having the same bag but when the caretaker came and try to fix the hooks he putted all the bags in a pile.Then when the children came back from the run they all argued which was his and what was her’s.So Mr Chalmers decide to take a look inside everybody’s bag and Aiden was worried because he didn’t want anybody to look inside his bag.When Mr Chalmers was about to open the last two bags Aiden was hoping that his bag would be last.Mr Chalmers picked up a bag a opened it up and inside there was a small orange tutu “that’s my” said Kane that was waiting for his bag.Aiden was glad that his bag was the last one “so that means this one is my” said Aiden smiling.“ hey that’s not fair” said one of the students.“we want to see what’s in your bag” said another student.Aiden smiled.“While ok,here”.

I think that he has a teddy bear and a Diary of his crushes that's inside his bag.

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