Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Holiday highlights

Guess what on the school holidays I went with my mum to Burgerfuel for Lunch.When we got there she ordered me a cheeseburger and a orange juice drink.

The next day my moms boss Kit asked me ‘’If I would like to go on a computer to play games on it’’,and I said ‘’Yes please.’’ The games that I played on was Friv,Cool Math games and reading my blog post on my blog.After I finished playing my games I went with my mum to buy a gingerbread man and a Lunch pack for Lunch.

The next thing that I did on the second day of my holidays was going with my mum to Countdown to buy bread and cookies for breakfast.After we came back from shopping my mum said ‘’what are you gonna do now’’,I said ‘’I’m gonna go on the computer’’.But she said no.’’Why can’t I go on the computer’’. She said ‘’Because a man is coming at 10 o'clock to work on that computer and he will finish at 11 o'clock.So can I go on the computer at 11 o'clock.’’Ok you can go on the computer at 11 o'clock.

On the last day before school starts my mum and my dad took me to Mcdonalds and got a chocolate sundae and a cheeseburger.When we finished eating Mcdonalds I told my mum and my dad I felt happy and I hope for next time they will take me to Rainbows End.

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