Monday, 18 May 2015

Chocolate Game

Wow”, this morning Miss Lavakula’s literacy class got to play a delicious chocolate game in Room 8.

When we started the first person that got to roll the dice was Charles. Charles got a four and then he gave it to Josh. When Josh rolled a six he  stood up and had to put on five accessories and one clothing.The first clothing that he put on was the black suit jacket then the black feathery boa and some funny looking rabbit glasses,when Josh put on the clothing he started to look funny and I started laughing.He was very close to slicing the chocolate with the knife and fork and eating it.

The funniest part was when Martin ran and put on the coconut shell cups and put it on and everyone was laughing and extremely loud and was hoping for their turn.When he was out I was hoping that I will be the next person to put on the clothing,but it was Montel’s turn. When he went up to the middle he was out he just took the chocolate and ate it. Everybody shouted “you cheated Montel!”.

When it was my turn I decide to put on the pink tutu and the silver tiara.I was very disappointed because I didn’t got a chance to cut the chocolate and eat it.The person that got me out was Revival and Revival was the first one that ever got closer to cutting the chocolate and eating it.

When the game finished I felt really disappointed because I  was so hungry for a chocolate. I decided to forget that I didn’t got a chocolate and I hope for next time that we can play the chocolate game.

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