Wednesday, 4 November 2015

e-as TTle Writting

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Guess what? This morning Miss Lavakula’s literacy class played a silly eating competition game.Before the game began I felt really hungry and I couldn’t wait to gobble everything up.

If you want to know how to play this silly game then you have to buddy up with someone.Once you have decide between your partner that who is going to eat the yummy food and who is going to help you eat it,then you have to get a box of Weetbix and a can of cream then you can start the game.Oh,and watch out because the food might be yuk.

After the other children's turn it was me and Dekorah’s turn.When Miss Lavakula counted down to zero Dekorah picked up the Weetbix on the white plastic plate,and she stuffed it into my mouth.Once I finished eating that yuk Weetbix,Dekorah forced me to eat the apple that was next to the plate and forced to eat it but I couldn’t because I was swallowing the yuk Weetbix.

I think that my favourite part was when Dekorah was eating like a real baby when I was feeding her.But the worst part of the game was when Dekorah forced me to eat the apple,when I was trying to eat the Weetbix with expired cream.I also wish that next time we don’t play a silly food competition game ever again because the food might be yuk,and it might also be expired.

When the game finished I felt sick because the cream was so yuk I almost puked,and when it’s breakfast time I’m never going to eat Weetbix with cream ever again.

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