Friday, 15 April 2016


Walt: Retell our experience of Fiafia.Fiafia is finally here! Last week on Thursday we had our biannual Fiafia at Pt England school. Our school and families come together to watch all the children perform. We have our Fiafia every two years, to celebrate our cultures and talents.

The group that I was in was the senior Samoan Group, and the song that my group danced to was Samoa Maopopo mai. The dance that we did was dedicated to Priscilla Tui that passed away. The costumes that my group wore was a black t-shirt a red and black flower lavalava, lei and a feather tucked into our bun.One of the practices, we had a competiton against the boys and girls about who can hand clap faster, once it down to Geroge and Talita everyone were cheering for their favourite,and at the end Geroge was the winner and the boys were cheering and the girls were booing.

At the end of Fiafia I wished that we can do Fiafia all over again,and that I really enjoyed being in the Samoan group.The next Fiafia year I want to be in the Samoan group again because my dad and mum always force me to.
FiaFia 2016 Night snippets from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

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