Thursday, 5 May 2016

Holiday Highlight

WALT: write a recount about my school holiday  using effective paragraphs.Yes! School is out and it’s the school holidays. During my holiday I slept over at Glennes’ house.One night we had a dance battle.It was me against,  Marilyn,Glennes and Quasia.Unfortunately we didn’t finish our dance battle because we had to go to sleep.Before I went to sleep I decided to read a book about a school where strange things happen.  I almost finished chapter five but I felt so sleepy that I fell asleep immediately.

Once I woke up that very morning I was so excited because Glennes’ mom,Maunia, told us that we were going to the GI Pools.Yes!  But before we could go to the pools we had to go to  Maunia’s appointment in Panmure.My cousin Quasia told me that it would be boring so I decided to bring a book to read.  Obviously Quasia was right,  inside the waiting room it was filled with magazines and a baby playground in one corner,so I settled down onto a comfortable chair and started reading.

On the second week of the holidays I decided to go with my mum to her workplace. When we arrived at her workplace,South Pacific Loans, I was so hungry I felt like I was going to faint.  I decided to go ask my mum if I was allowed to get lunch but she said later. As I waited in the kitchen I decided to read my favourite book Thea Stilton And The Lost Letters. After a few minutes of reading my mum came into the kitchen and asked me what I wanted for lunch.I decided I wanted chips,kebab and a chocolate primo. When we finally arrived at the bakery I went to the long narrow fridge to get my primo. As I came back from the fridge, I saw the Kebab sitting on the counter I was beginning to lick my lips as my mum gave it to me then I started eating it like a pig. The day had finished I was so full from the food I ate for lunch I guess staying with my mum was actually fun, and next week will be back to school.Yes!

During the school holidays I mostly enjoyed all of the things I did. The next holiday I hope we go to the otahuhu pools or Rainbows End, and,yes,it’s back to school next week.

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