Friday, 10 June 2016

Super hero on a mission

Walt: write a narrative story about a superhero
In the quiet city of Auckland. While the students of room eight were busy working on their literacy tasks they heard a loud KA-BOOM sound.

Hee,Hee,Hee, laughed a familiar voice. The students followed the laugh and above a brick house stood the evil Dr Weevil. “ I am going to destroy your school,Haa Haa Haa” laughed Dr Weevil.“Help!” said Lyi Sorn running around in circles, “who will save us?” Bryana asked.  “I know who to call….we should call the Flame” said Thida, running back into the classroom,picked up the phone and called 8881.

In an instant the Flame appeared out of nowhere and stood in front of the kids.
“What’s the problem kids?” asked the Flame, “the evil Dr Weevil is back and is going to destroy your school” said Kerstein. “Not if I can help it” replied the Flame. A show down was about to go down in history between The Flame and Dr Weevil. “You better get out of here or else I will make you” said the Flame, “Never!” replied the Doctor. The two enemies lunched at each other,the doctor was slippery but the Flame didn’t give up.

The fight went on for hours. Just at that moment Penny spotted a broken water pipe and had a sneaking idea, “maybe I can sneak behind Dr Weevil and hit him with this pipe” Penny thought. So with that Penny hid behind a bin and waited for Dr Weevil to come closer and at the very moment Penny smacked him on the head,WACK. “Whoa” the kids said amazed, “Well done kid,thanks for the help” said the Flame. “You’re welcome” replied Penny, when he finally handcuffed Dr Weevil he flew off, “Bye” shouted the kids.

Dr Weevil was finally behind bars but will jail stop him from getting revenge from the kids. “I will get my revenge from those annoying kids,Mo hahaha I just need to invent something” laughed the Dr. “Be quiet I’m trying to listen to the news,here” shouted the Flame from the sitting room.With that the Dr started to invent something that will help him get out of jail.

For the next story be sure to stay tune. In the next episode I will be writing about how Dr Weevil escaped prison,and was once again got stopped by the students of Room 8 from Pt England school.

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