Friday, 6 January 2017

Saying Goodbye to my Granma and Aunty!!

Today now it's a very sad day because today I had to say goodbye to my Granma and Aunty!! Now I really wished my all of my cousins, Granma, Granpa and Aunty would stay forever. I really miss them and I wished they could stay here longer. I can't wait until they come and vist again!! (Would you be sad if your Granma, Granpa, Cousins, and Aunty left when they just got here, Leave a comment, Please)


  1. Yeah I would be sad about my grandparents leaving, not sure about some of my Aunties or Uncles, but definitely the cousins haha!

    My grandparents were definitely important parts of my life growing up. They taught me all kinds of important things, but most importantly patience, inclusion, and tolerance.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Hi Sheena,

    It is great to see you blogging over the holiday! It sounds like you have had a lovely time with your family having travelled over from Samoa! Were they in New Zealand for Christmas? I would be sad too if I had to say goodbye to my family. I have family and friends who live overseas and I never like the goodbyes when it is time for them to leave!

    See you back at school soon, Sheena! Keep up the great blogging until then :)

    Miss West