Thursday, 1 June 2017

Marking my test helps me to improve my learning

Today in Mrs Tele'a's Maths class my group Tapaono marked our IKAN test. This time round when I did the the test it was more relaxing then last time where we had to look up at the T.V screen and try and keep up.   This time we used our chromebooks and earphones and we could do it twice to double check if we had the right answer.

The next day after we did the test we had to sit in our small group and mark our results with the teacher. I am kinda proud of my results because in some parts I made some silly mistakes and it was really challenging and now I know that next time when I do a IKAN test I have to improve myself more on fractions and place value.

I'm glad I got to see my results and even mark my work because it helps me to know exactly what I need to work on.

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