Sunday, 18 March 2018

How to keep healthy (Week 5 Writing)

How to Keep  yourself Healthy
We are learning to follow the Statement, Explanation, Example paragraph structure.
Write your explanation here. Check that it follows the structure of an explanation!

Introduction: Maintaining a healthy body is not an easy thing to do.
There is always a reason to stay healthy because unhealthy bodies can be attacked by many diseases.
So in this piece of writing I will be discussing some tips which will help you have a much more
healthier life and body.
1:  The most important tip about having a healthy body is eating healthy food.
If you’re a person that wants to stay healthy start avoiding junk food.
When you are on your diet try to contain food like: leafy vegetables, milk, fruits and fruit vegetables in your
daily diet. Always make sure you have your breakfast regularly.
Skipping breakfast regularly will definitely affect your health.
When you skip breakfast the water content in your body goes low and that will lead to dehydration.
So to help keep your body healthy make sure to drink plenty of water each day.

2: Protecting your skin is also one of the many ways to help you stay healthy.
Sun Exposure is linked to skin cancer. This is the most common cancer in the US so to help you stay healthy
limit your time in the sun. When you want to go outside on a scorching hot day be sure to wear protective
clothes and a hat before you leave. Always make sure to wear sunscreen on exposed skin, like your face, arms
and legs. This can help protect your skin and prevent skin cancer.

3: Last but not least, Exercise. Exercise plays a important role in keeping your body healthy.
Regular exercise will keep your body in good shape. The exercise that you should be doing are the ones that
make your body go sweaty, not the slow simple walk. Some examples of exercise you could do for a living
is running, cycling or just walking faster than your normal speed.

Conclusion: So in conclusion there are many ways to help your body stay healthy and fit.
I hope that my piece of writing has given you some ideas of how to stay healthy.

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