Saturday, 14 April 2018

Final Countdown to School Holidays

It's now school holiday's and I am very happy to finally spend quality time with my family. Before my school holiday's officially started, my school: Point England ,had a school Fiafia night. A school Fiafia night is where every kid in our school performs on a big stage out on our school field a dance they have been working on for the past weeks with their culture groups. A fiafia night is a huge tradition in our school which happens every past two years. This Fiafia night was special because I got to have an opportunity to be one of the MC'S for evening along with Tevita, Noah and Samoa. I had heaps of fun performing with my group (Senior Samoan) and even though it was my last Fiafia night I had loads of fun with friends and I will always carry the memories of that special night.

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