Thursday, 18 June 2015


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Guess what? Every Monday for the last few weeks our maths class goes to basketball in the school hall at 11.30am.

Our coaches are Vinnie and Shanice. They taught us a new game called the golden child.The first thing that you must do is get a into two teams and one team must be the running team and the other team must shoot a ball into the hoop.When they shoot the ball into the hoop,the person that’s running must stop where there are. When I got the ball into the hoop I felt like I was the master at shooting.

The last game that we played was a game that our coaches need to call out the number three and three people have to run up to a wall and touch it then they have to get a ball and shoot it into the hoop three times go to the back of the line.

After basketball was finished I wanted to asked if we could stay for another lesson but they will say no.Last but not least my favourite part was when we played the golden child and I hope we play it again.  

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