Thursday, 23 July 2015

School holidays highlight

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Guess what during the school holidays I got to stay at my Mum’s work in Mount Wellington.

When I arrived at my Mum’s work I decide to help myself to some tasty milo and toast.After I ate my tasty breakfast I decided to ask my mum if I could play on the computer but she said “No”.I asked her why and she said “because Kit will fire me if you go on the computer,without his permission,but you can go on the computer if Kit comes in”.When it was almost noon Kit my mom's boss come in and asked me if I would like to go on a computer,and I said “Yes”.Kit lead me straight to my mum and asked her which computer would she like me to go on and she pointed to the one that was next to her desk.Kit sat right down on the computer chair and wrote in the password and went on chrome and wrote friv.

On Monday morning after I arrived at my mom’s work I asked her if she could buy me a tablet on Thursday.But she said No and said “We’ll go to Sylvia park after I finished work and then we’ll look around and look for tablets that’s cheap.Once my mum finished work we went straight to Sylvia park and looked around in .When we were looking around I found a cheap tablet that only cost $77.My mum asked me if I would like to buy the tablet and I said “Yes”.Then I asked her if I could put games in it and she said “Yes”.But my mum only wanted two games on the tablet and the games that I choosed was Candy crush soda and Subway Sufers.

On Tuesday morning I asked my mum if I was allowed to play on the tablet after it charges,and she said “Yes”.Meanwhile I asked my mum if I was allowed to colour some colouring papers and she said “Yes” .When I finished colouring in my colouring paper I went and check on the tablet and it was 99%.So I took off the charger and took it with me to the kitchen and played on for about 1 hour and then it was only 14%.So I took it back to my mum’s deck and charged it again . After work my mum asked me if I enjoyed the school holidays and I said “Yes”.

Then she asked me if what was my favourite part and I said “It was when you buyed me the tablet”,then she asked me how did feel about staying with me at work,and I said it was so cool staying with you.

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