Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The lost coin that got found.

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In the beginning Turie had the coin and decide to leave the coin on the windowsill and thought that nothing will happen to it.But when he fell asleep Ruru saw a gleam that was coming from the windowsill,so he swooped down and took the coin,but when he was talking to his dear friend Marama the coin slipped through his beak and fell into the grass.Then came Weta and took the coin but when he was checking out the coin he could hear Kiwi coming and was looking for food so Weta quickly run away but left the coin behind.So when Kiwi was coming he found the coin and then try to eat it but it was to hard,so he left the coin lying on the ground.Then came Kiore and picked it up and stroked on it and said “it’s so beautiful and it’s all mine”.But when Kiore was going back to her hole Ngeru saw her and then almost ate her but Kiore said “if you let me go then I will give you this shiny round thing that I have”.Ngeru was interppted buy the shiny coin and Kiore runned off quickly to her hole.Ngeru was annoyed that his dinner run away and that he tried to eat the coin but it was to hard so he left it on the windowsill.When it was morning time Turei looked at the windowsill and said “see I knew that nothing would happen to my two dollars”,but his goldfish just looked at him with his big fish eyes.

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