Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Walt: Order and retell the story again in your own words.

This is the story about a boy that wanted to buy a trolley by his mum and dad said it was to expensive so they decide to build the trolley but when they got started they found a old pram with wheels that could fit with the trolley but mum wanted things that's was on the right side of the doorway.But when they turned the pram around the wheels fell off and they decide to use the wheels.When it was dinner time mum asked dad to get the old pram so she can go and fix the it,then dad said "sure".When it was morning mum went to the market but when she was there she found a note that dad putted on the note board,and when mum got home she asked dad what had happen to the pram,and dad said "we were looking through the junk then we found the pram and the wheels so we decide to use it"."Got-cha" said mum,I already knew that you used the pram's wheels.So you knew all this time that we used the pram's wheels."Yes",

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