Wednesday, 17 February 2016


There once was a boy called Jimmy who went on a camping trip with his Uncle.It was a long trip to the camping site deep in the forest.The camping site was surrounded by a lake and was flooded with family’s.

While Jimmy was out exploring he came across a family that forgotten their food.’’Excuse me boy’’ said the father ‘’my family and I have forgotten to bring our food,could you please let us have some of your food?

Jimmy was speechless ‘’Um,let me go ask my uncle first’’.When he arrived to where his uncle was setting up the tent,Jimmy was out of breath. When he arrived ‘’family…. need….. food….,’’slow down Jimmy’’ said his uncle ‘’what’s going on?’’. ‘’When I was out exploring a family asked me if they could borrow some food? ‘’Sure here are some chips and drinks’’.
When Jimmy arrived where he meet the family in the morning.  He gave them the chips and drinks and the father thanked him. They all roasted marshmallows around the fire and became friends.

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