Monday, 29 February 2016

Why Bees are disappering!

Deep in the forest on a plum tree hangs a bee hive. Lately the disappearance of these little insects is affecting your food source. So today I’m going to investigate why this insects are being declining,so you can call me…. investigator Sheena.

I told in my introduction that lately bees are been declining and it’s making people grumpy, well some of them.So I took this chance to investigate why this insects are decilning all over the world,and it looks like I noticed that people are standing on to many bees...yeah people you’re standing on to much bees.Guees what? if you stand on to much bees you’ll get….bad luck,nuh just joking,I think.

The only way we can fix this is,hold it,not stand on to much bees,if we stood on every single bee in the world they’ll be no more honey,noooo.So people, don’t stand on to much bees and if bees sting you then that means they don’t like you,shame.Ok,the mystery of why have bees being declining lately is solved,now let we check that of my awesome mystery list….so people don’t stand on to much bees or the world will be lost forever.So see you next time troublemakers.

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