Thursday, 22 September 2016

Free writting

Walt: write a narrative, recount, rap, poem, explanation or an 
instructional piece that is clear to the audience
In a faraway land there once lived a magnificent mermaid. Her name was Ondina, she had a beautiful blue and purple tail, long magnificent blonde hair and was very determined to rule the seven seas.

On a sunny day while Ondina was out swimming she saw a mischievous dark cave at the very bottom of the sea. “I wonder what’s in there” Ondina thought, she looked around to make sure she was alone and swarmed towards the cave. As she almost reached the cave she noticed that something was shimmering from inside,when she dared to swim inside she saw a beautiful traton at the end of the cave. There were some small writing at the bottom that read:Beware of this powerful traton it can destroy anything in your way but you will never get it back. Ondina thought heavily “this traton can make me the most powerful mermaid in the whole entire world and everybody will bow to me” she thought. She reached out and held the traton above her head and said “Now I am the ruler of the seven seas and everyone will bow down to me.

That was when a her beautiful purple and blue tail turned into a green-ish and black colour,and her magnificent blonde hair turned into a ugly grey colour. Back out her pod Diana was still trying to look for her “have you seen my sister” she asked Kevin her sister’s friend, “No,sorry” he said. That was when both of them heard a familiar voice “now listen carefully I am the ruler of the seven sea’s and all of you will bow down to me,NOW”  Ondina shouted.Diana and Kevin both gasped their beloved Ondina was cruel, “you don’t have to do this ,Ondina” said Diana. “Enough” shouted Ondina, “you have gotten in my way,now I will zap you with my traton” Ondina said, and with that Ondina aimed her traton and out came a flash of lighting that caught Diana in the stomach. “No” Kevin said, “you killed your own sister” Kevin shouted,he couldn’t believe what just happened. That was when a shaped that looked like a ship covered the pod with darkness. “What’s happening?” Ondina asked, “you have to return the traton back where you found it,Ondina because that traton is bad luck” said Kevin.

“Ok” Ondina said. That was when Ondina swam as fasted as she could back to the cave where she first found the traton. When she had finally arrived at the cave where she had first found the traton,she thought about what she had done and placed the traton back on the stand where the traton stood before she found it. As soon as she placed the traton back on the stand, her green and black tail turned back to it’s normal colour and her ugly grey hair turned back to it’s normal magnificent blonde colour, and her sister finally woke up and the humans ship was gone.

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