Friday, 9 September 2016

Olympic Narrative

Walt: Narrate a story about an Olympic athlete getting lost in Barra, Rio
On a sunny day in Rio just before the Olympics started Usain Bolt was excited to go with his friends to the beach. Before they departed Usain Bolt crabbed his earphones,cranked up Katy Perry’s most hits and left.

As he was listening to Katy Perry’s song Rise and without noticing where he was going,he ended up in a building called The Salon Shop. As he thought he was at the beach some of the ladies put a green mask on him well he was sleeping. After half an hour later when Usain Bolt was still snoozing on one of the Salon’s chair,he woke up with a startled.

“Oh,No!” cried Usian Bolt. It was dawn and the sun was setting behind the hills. “Excuse me,but you look lost” said one of the owners of the
building. “Yes I am, can you help me get back to the Olympic Park?” he asked.”Of course,here is a map of Rio,just follow the direction” said one of the lady’s handing him a map. “Hope you find your way back,bye” all the ladies said.

As he twisted and turned Usain Bolt finally found his way back to the Olympic Park. “Finally” sighed Usian Bolt trying to catch his breath. Once he opened the door to his team's room he found that everyone was sleeping.”What happened” he asked one of his team mates. “We had a party and you so missed it” replied one of his team mates. “AHH” he shouted with frustration for missing the party and dropped backwards on his bed and fell fast asleep.


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  2. Hi Sheena

    Great job Sheena I really liked your narrative writing. That is probably one of the best ones I have ever seen.

  3. Hi Sheena,

    I really understand that Usain Bolt was late to the Olympics park,Hey I have a Question for you who got banned from the Olympics?

    From Jasmyne

  4. I'm glad that Usain Bolt made it back safely to the Olympic Village. Great story writing Sheena!