Monday, 17 October 2016

Immersion Assembly

Walt: Explain what you did during your holiday.Recount what happened during Immersion Assembly
On the 10th of October our school had an immersion Assembly. This Assembly was held in our school hall. Every team from team 1 to team 5 performed or made a video to show the entire school what they would be learning about this term.

Team 1 was up first. Their performance was about how they changed a bunch of ingredients into a delicious cake. I think they are going to learning about cooking this term. Up next was team 2 this term they would be learning about things that floats,what sinks,what is cold or what is hot.  They made a video about how they turned a liquid into a solid or how they turned a solid into a gas. They also were finding out if solid ice would melt in front of a heater.Do you think it melted? Or do you think it didn’t? Well they left the ice in front of the heater for about 2 hours or more and when they looked again it turned into a liquid.

Next was team 3 they were learning about making their own science project, and they also made a movie which showed lots of examples of a science project they could make. The 2nd to last team was team 4. Team 4 was trying to find proof if things around them were a myth, they also made a movie to show the school what they were learning about. The last team to perform was team 5. Team 5 was kind of doing the same thing as team 4 finding out about myths.

Two of my favourite performances were team 5 and team 4’s.Team 5’s performance was so funny it made everyone laugh,and for team 4 their funny part in their movie was when Mr Moran tried to show off his muscles. But unfortunately he doesn't have any.  (Don’t tell him,that).

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