Thursday, 27 October 2016

Narrative Lost in the Forest!

Walt: narrate a story about a character getting lost in the forest while camping
It was the last night for Pete and his friends. Tomorrow they would have to leave the campsite and go back to the city. It was almost midnight and Pete was snuggled up tightly in his blankets when he heard the sound of thunder.

A few minutes later,  the big storm that Terry heard minutes before came rumbling into the campsite almost making Pete jump out of his top bunk. When Terry went outside he couldn’t see his friends and to make things even worse he couldn’t see anyone around…. It was just him. He scrambled back into his cabin and went rummaging through his backpack to find his cell phone, just then it hit him the owner of the camp took everyone’s phone away. Pete sank into a corner and started crying. Meanwhile back in the city Pete’s friend’s were speaking all a once for what had happened with Pete. “What are we going to do” said one of his friends, all of them sighed loudly how could they go back to get Pete when the storm was still operating. Was there any hope for Pete.

When the storm was finished and Pete decided to go into the woods to try and find a way out. As he was walking along the track where cars entered into the campsite he could hear the happy laughter of people laughing nearby. Then he remembered the owner of the campsite saying that they was a park nearby that led to the city. As he was making his way towards the sounds of happy laughter of children, Pete realised that there were five pathways, and he didn’t know which way to take.

As he stood there trying to find a solution to get to the park. He thought and thought until it hit him again, he can just follow the sound the happy laughter. He listened carefully until he could hear the laughter, until he heard the laughter coming from the  third path. As he walked slowly towards the laughter he saw the back gate of the park and could he the children loud and clear. When he opened the gate of the park he saw all kind of kids playing and laughing, Pete had made it!

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