Thursday, 3 November 2016

Writting Test

Terry was furious at Matt. “I knew I shouldn’t have came out here with you, thanks to you we’re lost in the bush!” Terry shouted giving a hard look at Matt. “I’m really sorry Terry, I thought that this was the way to the beach, replied Matt with a sad look. With that Terry stormed off and Matt was right behind him. “From now on I am going to lead the way, since you got us in this mess” Terry  demanded, with that Matt sighed heavily Terry was very angry with him, he really felt bad.

Half an hour later still trying to find the way to the beach, Terry had given up and let out a ear piercing shriek, “AAAAAAHHHH” Terry shouted almost making Matt jump. “Terry don’t shout so loudly I heard that there are some wolves in the bush” said Matt looking up to the trees where bats were now flying off and screeching as they flew away. “Wolves!” Terry began, “Hahahaha” laughed Terry mocking Matt’s scene,but then something interrupted his laugh, “grrrrrrrr” came a sound coming from behind Terry. Terry slowly turned around and right before his eyes there stood 4 looking hungry wolves with sharp teeths that looked like it belonged to vampires, Terry backed up slowly away from the terrifying looking beasts.

They stood there not moving an inch until Matt started looking around to see if there was any hope for them to escape. Until he remembered his father’s words about climbing trees to getaway from trouble when he was just a little kid, “always learn to climb tree’s and one day that skill will come in handy” he remembered. “Terry I have an idea, we have climb that oak tree so we can escape” whispered Matt in his ear, Terry turned around looking for the tree Matt was indicating. Then he saw it the thin but well grown oak tree right behind them, “fine, but I’m only doing this because I don’t want my ribs being eaten by a pack of wolves” agreed Terry, he really didn’t seem that there was no way out of this mess! “One, Two, Three….RUN! Matt shouted, they run has quick has their legs could carry them. They were only 5 meters away from the oak tree, 4,3,2,1, they had made it to the oak tree. But they knew that a pack of wolves was right behind them so they quickly began climbing up the oak tree to it’s highest point.

With that they could see the whole bush, and to make it even better they could see the beach only 20 meters away from the oak tree. “Matt I can see the beach,from here” said Terry, “we just have to wait until the wolves are gone then we can run to the beach. “Ok” said Matt,relieved that Terry had once agreed with him. 30 minutes later the wolves gave up and went back to their caves to rest, so that was when  Terry and Matt climbed off the tree and scrambled to the beach,they were almost there, they could hear sounds of people, the music and the happy laughter of people. Finally they had made it! They were finally at the beach!

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