Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Year 6 Kawau island!

Walt: Write a detailed recount about our experience to Kawau Island
On the 15th of November the year sixes of Point England school got the opportunity to go camping at Kawau Island.

When we finally reached the wharf and got ready for our two hour hike, we got to meet the two owners of the camp: Erin and Peter. Erin and Peter gave us some instructions and rules not to feed the ducks or weka, and if we were doing any water activities we all had to wear water jackets for safety. When Erin and Peter finished telling us the rules we went on a two hour hike. The two hour hike was exhausting when we got back to the camp my legs were hurting a lot. I hated the hike!

On day three, after we had our run and breakfast, we all got ready for our first activity of the day. My group Kawau B had Bivouac with my mum: Lautifa. Bivouac is an activity where everyone had to create a shelter with sticks, branches or anything that would help build a shelter. We had to work hard to make sure that our shelter would water proof or when if it rains no water can get inside. At the end me,Kei and Annelis made a shelter that was small but was water proof. I loved Bivouac!

My favourite activity while at Kawau island is probably sailing, I loved sailing because at the end me and my partner Kei came first and because it was fun. After Peter had taught us the tips and instructions about sailing, me and my partner:Kei got ready to get on the boat. 5 minutes later me and my partner:Kei were still having trouble with the stirring because it was our first time and me a Kei were so scared that we were going to tip over, but luckily we didn’t, but soon we got the hang of controlling the boat. At the end all of the boats got ready to have a race back to the shore toward Peter, and guess what? Me and Kei came first, I loved Sailing!

It was Friday and it was time to go back to Sandspit. I really wanted to stay but unfortunately I knew that wasn’t fair for the other kids. My top two favourite activities were Sailing and swimming. If you had a holiday I would say to go to Kawau island!

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