Friday, 26 May 2017

My fun days with the Year 7's

On Wednesday the 24th the year 8's of Pt England school went to a leadership camp for 3 days, and since the Year 8's are gone for 3 days the year 7's had the few days of fun ahead of them. Some activities that the Year 7's did was:
* Making Truffles
* Making Marshmallow towers, and making a cup tower
* Art
Wednesday: Wednesday was the first day the Year 7's had for activities, but before we could start the activites we had to sort out three groups. Here are the three groups names:
* Munchies
* Churries
* Fobalicious
My group's name was Churries and our group leaders were, Samoa and Javan. Our first activity was Making Truffles with Whare Kelly. Making the Truffles was really fun because my group made a very big mess and every team made a pile of Truffles and today we will be eating it for our shared lunch after Morning Tea.

On the last day with the Year7's we will be having a shared lunch in our classroom and watch a movie straight after morning tea, and the best part is right after lunch we will be having our prize giving for the winning group. I have really enjoyed spending time with the Year 7's.

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  1. It's really good to see you writing about all the fun stuff you have been doing. It sounds like you are enjoying year 7. Which activity did you like the most?