Wednesday, 3 May 2017

My School Holiday

Today I am going to write about what I did in the holiday's. Some things that I did in the holiday;s was going to my primary fun day, and spend my time at my mom's work: South Pacific Loans.

At my primary fun day on Good Friday all we did was play games like: Egg race, eating competition, and basketball, and at noon we all ate: Egg, Doughnut and bread with butter. My favourite activity to play on the day was basketball because I got one goal, and at the very end of our activity we all went on a Easter Egg hunt and we all ate Easter egg's ice cream and some traditional Samoan food.

But I mostly spent my time at my mom's work: South Pacific loans. At my mom's work I mostly go on my computer: Play games and watch a movie. My favourite part of being at my mum's work was lunch time because on every lunch time we would always order KFC.

 I really enjoyed my time with my mom and I really hope my next holiday I go to my island: Samoa, or go to Rainbow's End.

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