Thursday, 6 July 2017

Game Reflection

In extension this term our focus is on coding, so a few weeks ago me and my partner: Alisha have started our game for scratch where we had to make a space game. The worst problem that we had was broadcasting and making sure we had the right coding.
On the first level me and my partner: Alisha, we each did a job to finish the level, so I did the backgrounds and half of the coding while Alisha did the other half  and did the drawings of the sprites.
Problem: The problem that we had throughout the game was broadcasting because me and my partner still had problem increasing our knowledge for broadcasting.
Solution: Zoe from OMG Tech taught us there was an easier way to broadcast on scratch and she also helped us to learn more about broadcasting.

My favourite part about coding this Term for Extension was that I really got to bond with my partner and that I increased my knowledge for coding more than last term.

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