Wednesday, 19 July 2017

My holiday with my auntie

My holiday so far has being fun because I get to spend time with my aunty: Misilani sice she came from Samoa before the holiday's started. Our time schelued for ever morning is:
- Brush your teeth and wash your face
- Have breakfast
- Play music on the laptop
- Tidy up the house and our rooms
So my holiday is not the fun like some kids get to go to rainbow's end or going to the beach with family and friends, but I'm happy that I get to spend time together with my aunty these school holidays. And the other good news is that my birthday is coming up in thirteen days. (August the 2nd) Can't wait!!

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  1. Hi Sheena,
    It's great to see you blogging during your holidays! I enjoy family time during the holidays too. I find during the term, it can be quite busy so family catch ups during the holidays are a great time. Did you aunty bring you any presents from Samoa? I like eating the taro chips from there. They are yummy.

    Enjoy the rest of your holidays and have a wonderful Term 3.

    Love from Miss Lavakula