Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Maths Activity W3

Today my group Tapaono had to use a recording add called Screencastify where we had to buddyup and pick one problem from the presentation and share how we got our answer.

The person that I buddied up for this occuasion was Inez from my group and we worked on problem 3. Problem 3 talked about how tall was Mr Murrin and his brother tom, and we had to find out how tall was Tom. See the video above to see how me and Inez got our answer.

How to use Screencastify:
Screencastify is an app on our netbook that records anything like word problems and much more. Screencastify is coloured black and has white holes and should be on the right side of your chromebooks, and now Screencastify is now used many ways in Team 5.

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