Monday, 21 August 2017

My Trip to Samoa!!

On August the 5th me and my mum: Lautifa, went to Samoa for a family funeral. 
I was really excited to see my family again but at the same time 
I was really sad that my Great Grandpa passed away. 

When I stepped at outside the Virgin Australia aircraft I instlanty knew that the 
air in Samoa was going to be really hot. I looked at the building in front of me that 
was called Faleolo International Airport which was one of the most busiest building 
in all of Samoa. Once all of the passengers arrived in the building to check in we 
were greeted by the sound of traditional Samoan music played by 4 men. 
As passengers walked passed them they threw $20 or $10 in front of them like donation, 
once we passed Security, bag pick up and passport check we arrived 
outside to where we were greeted by the happy faces of my family.

After a round of hugs and kisses we scrambled in our family van which sped through
the night as I admired the fale's (houses) pass by, and at that same time
I was really happy to be back in my home country. On Sunday morning we all got ready to 
go to Savaii we the other half of my family lived, when we arrived at the Wharf we got our tickets
and waited for Lady Samoa II Ship to arrive. The boat arrived in 10 miuntes and everybody
boarded the ship which glided smoothly across the ocean, after 15 miuntes of looking outside 
the window I fell into a deep sleep. When we arrived in Savaii and got off the boat we sped off
to our house in Vaisaulu, once we arrived we saw that no one was at home because they
Image result for Samoan airportwere all off at Church, so we waited and waited.

When my family arrived they all got changed and had dinner togther and talked about how if everthing was okay. When we had to leave Samoa was really sad that I had to leave my family back again and come back, but before we went through the gates and grandma told me,"Even if don't live in Samoa, always remember that Samoa is your home and you are a true Samoan girl" I hugged her tight and said Goodbye, but now I will always know where I came from I will always be a true island girl!!

Note: Here is a Samoan song that I love and will always remind me that Samoa is my Home. SONG and the English and Samoan version, SONG 2

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  1. Hi Sheena great story about going to Samoa and I hope you had fun in Samoa. Here a question hot or cold in Samoa.But I think that if I went to Samoa I would not last one there.