Wednesday, 27 September 2017

What is MMP?

Have you ever wondered what MMP means? While now you got the answer,MMP actually stands for:  Mixed Member Proportional.

In New Zealand, we vote using the MMP voting system and each voter gets two votes, one vote is for a Party and the other one is for a candidate, but only the people that have New Zealand citizenship and people that doesn’t have any criminal sentences can vote.

There are 120 seats in the Parliament, and each party needs the majority of 61 or more to win, right now National is in the lead with 58 seats while Labour has 45 seats. In New Zealand right now New zealand First has a very big decision to make about who to work with National or Labour?

So in New Zealand right now the leader of New Zealand first is talking to each leader of Labour and National to see what their Policies are and what their plans are for New Zealdn.So what do YOU think should Winston Peters(Leader of New Zealand First) work with Labour or National?

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