Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immerson Assembly

Term 4 has started and at the conor of Glen Innes Point England school were having their Immerson Assembly to start of the new term. Our new Theme for this term was Musical Madness!

To kick of the Assembly we had a surprise Performance by Mr Burt, Mrs Nua, Mr Sommerville, Mr J and Mr Wise man singing their new song called Musical Madness Saves the Day. Each teacher had an instrument to play, Mr J had his little trumpet, Mr Burt had his guitar Mrs Nua had a Tambourine,  Mr Wise man was on the Bass and Mr Sommerville was rocking it out on the drums.

The next performance was Team 1. In their performance they were playing cards while different kind of music were playing in the playground and they also showed different emotions towards the music. For Team 2 Miss Gaston was the lead singer who was playing the ukulele and singing the song Lion sleeps Tonight, while different teachers came and joined her. The first teacher was Miss Peck who was playing a Castanet, Mrs Tomahai came on stage playing a Xylophone and the last teacher to join was Miss Nalder who was playing the bongos.

Team 3 was next they played a movie where they lip sync songs like: Sorry, Work, Cake by the ocean, Chandeliar, and many more and they were also doing songs in real life. Team 4 did something similar but they were doing they songs in the car like Carpool Karoke, and at the end of the movie it said Make car rides more fun. Team 5 was the last to preform they performance was having a family movie night while watching lion king while differnt songs played in the playground like: Let it go, Roar and many more. My favourite part about team 5 item was when Let it go was finish playing Mrs Tele'a said: "Don't let the baby go" which made everyone laugh.

 My top 3 team's was Team 3, 4 and 5 because they had creative movies and performance and made me laugh and made me have a good time.

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