Friday, 20 October 2017

Niue Language Week 2017.

To finish of Niue Language week for 2017 the Pt England Niue group prepared an item to share with the whole school for the special occasion.

Before they started Mrs Langitupu and a couple of students that knew how to speak fluent Niue did their introductions, and once they were finished a very popular Niue song come on and the Niue group started to sway and dance to the music. The girls were leading the dance while the boys were at back, all of the girl's looked like Niue Princess and the boys looked like Princes. To finish of the dance the Boys came to the front and began to do the Niue Haka.

When they dance was finished and were were heading back to their seats everybody could tell they were proud Niue kids and most parents had tears in their eyes. They all were proud of their Cultural, and the Niue theme for this year was:The Niue Language is the heart of Niue People.

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