Thursday, 9 August 2018

The Promise

WALT: infer and make judgements about a text
This week for reading Mrs Stone gave my reading group The Promise bu Bernard Beckett. It was a story about 5 kids who trapped themselves in a bunker to protect themselves from a dangerous situation that happened. Below is my create where we had to create Tips on how to survive in a disaster.

                                          Create Task:
Tips to survive a dangerous situation!

  1. If you are in open sea
  • If you have no food, remember there is food in the sea you just need to get it.
  • To get freshwater make a distillation machine
  • Heat stroke can kill much faster than hunger

2. If you get lost in a desert
  • Try to travel at night time
  • Many people think that there is water in a cacti

3. If you are trapped under a building or in a cave
  • Breathe deeply but exhale very slowly
  • Don’t scream
  • Take of your shirt and wrap your head with it

4. Guarding against a potential attack

  • Don’t accept rides from strangers
  • Make as much noise as possible if you are being attacked
  • Don’t be afraid to fight back
  • Trust your gut

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