Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Hiwi the Kiwi

WALT: write a narrative including lessons learnt from Hiwi the Kiwi.
On a quiet,sunny Saturday morning in Washington D.C there was a boy named Terry. On this particular Saturday morning Terry was excited to go fishing with his Uncle Flex.

Once they had arrived at the wharf,Uncle Flex showed Terry how to put the bait on the rod,then they casted their rods out to sea. As Terry was waiting patiently he could feel something pulling him out to sea.That was when he saw a huge fish jumping up out of the sea .Just then Uncle Flex heard a ear piercing shriek  “UNCLE,help me” shouted Terry. Uncle Flex could see Terry was trying to pull a huge fish out of the sea.”On the count of Three” Uncle Flex commanded,”One,Two,Three,Pull” Terry said.

Uncle Flex and Terry pulled and pulled until they found a 3.5cm fish lying in front of them.”We should take it Uncle,help me lift it up?” Terry pleaded,but Uncle Flex didn’t want to help Terry. “We can’t take it,Terry!” said Uncle Flex gently,”why?” asked Terry that was still confused why they couldn't take the fish.”If the fish is big you never know if it’s pregnant and if we kill the babies,there won't be any fish left in the world” Uncle Flex explained.

That was when Terry thought about not having fish in the world so he decided to let go of the fish.”Good choice,Terry” said Uncle Flex putting his hand around his nephew. “One day Terry,one day” said Uncle Flex watching the fish jumping up and down through the sea happily.

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