Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Holiday Highlight

WALT: write a recount about my school holiday  using effective paragraphs.
In the school holidays I got to go to Samoa for a family reunion with my mum and dad. Me and my mum departed at 4 o'clock on July the 12th and our plane would arrive at Samoa,Apia at 9 o’clock.

On the first week at Samoa we had a birthday party for my grandpa,Uli.This year he turned 60,and in the afternoon I got to the pool with my cousins.At my grandpa’s birthday party we got to eat chicken,sausage,salad,cake, and ice cream. Before I went to sleep me and my whole cousins got the opportunity to watch a movie.The movie that me and my cousins watched was The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

On the second week of the school holidays we held a party for the last day of our family reunion.The funniest thing that ever happened at the dance was when my cousin,Louise and her mum,Fatimah had a dance battle,it was hilarious! After a while the kids got the opportunity to make fireworks,the fireworks were so colorful it looked like a rainbow. When the dance finished the whole entire family was so sleepy that I fell asleep when my head touched the pillow.

The dreadful day come when I had to come back to New Zealand,I was so sad that our family reunion was finished but I was happy our next one was in 2019.One thing that I enjoyed most out of the family reunion was getting to spend time with my family.I can’t wait until it’s 2019.

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