Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Olympic Sports in Rio

Walt: Describe an Olympic sport (use one that you are animating or one that you are interested in)Did you know that Football is an Olympic Sport? Today Miss Lavakula’s Literacy class have to write about one of the sports in the Olympics. I have decided to write how to play Football.

Football is known for the most watched and played sport around the world.Football is a team sport where everybody kick a ball and try to get a goal. If one person makes a fall they will be sent of the field immediately,and they also get free kicks and each time a team gets a goal their get one point and the most goals win.Did you know that Football became violent in England that the king banned the sport for 300 years? One of the top football player is:Lionel Messi,he was considered the best football player on the planet over the last Eight years.

Did you know that the first basketball game was played with a Soccer ball?and over 1 billion people watch Football on their television every day.The first black person to play football was Arthur Wharton in the 1800’s and in 1978,Manchester United Manager,Sir Alex Ferguson got fired for swearing to a lady.The largest number of goals that’s being scored was 16 which was made by Stephan Stanis.

2 of the top football player’s in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal and Real Madrid and Luis Suarez from Uruguay and Barcelona. Did you know that yesterday Wayde van Niekerk from africa broke the world record of 43.03s in the men's 400m Sprint?

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